Why this name?

First, just to mention that this is not a comercial product, yet 🙂 , this is a research Project that have as a main intention to simplify the definition and the execution of simulation models using a graphical, formal and complete language. The first language we use in SDLPS is SDL (Specification and Description Language), hence is clear that in this initial versions SDL must be in the name. But why PS?. Well at the beginning of the development PS only means Pau’s Simulator, since I was the only contributor to this engine. However, when I start developing the algorithms that allows a distributed simulation of the models (and a Parallel execution in a shared memory scenarios), I change the name to Parallel Simulator.

When I develop the website, however, I prefer to recover the original name, because we are now planning to change the name of the product to become, maybe, to a commercial one.

A brief note regarding sdlps.com that is quite funny. Since my first publication related to SDL someone buys the domain sdlps.com with the goal to earn some money if, eventually I (or I don’t know who) buys this domain. Now that we are starting the definition of a product from this research project we are starting finding a brand new name to be used, and for sure, SDLPS will not be the name, because we are now working not only with SDL, hence SDL will not be part of its name and…, think about it, SDLPS is quite difficult to be pronounced and also to be remembered (in fact, yes, the name is quite ugly).


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